What`s YoJobs?

YoJobs.com is not like any other job board. Our founder built this platform when he wanted to land a job at specific companies only. So instead of visiting the company sites individually he wrote a system which does it for him. The aim is to have a central database with all the jobs from all the employers listed on our site.

While the majority of other sites advertise only some of the jobs that employers may have, we list all the jobs available by employers. We also monitor each and every single job and as soon as the employer removes it from their site we update our database. This makes YoJobs.com the most up-to-date jobs database because we guarantee that any active jobs that are listed are still open by the employers.

YoJobs.com makes it easy for employers to list their jobs on our site because all they need to do is send us a request here and we will take care of setting up everything – all jobs for free forever.

Job seekers apply directly with employers through our user-friendly website so employers can take advantage of good quality candidates and high traffic that YoJobs.com generates. If you are an employer and would like to take advantage of our premium advertising services contact us now and start getting more candidates applying with you directly!