Recruitment Agencies in Malta

Our team collected all the major recruitment agencies in Malta together with their primary contact details. brings all the information needed to find a job in one place. We do our best to keep the list of employment agencies in Malta up-to-date. Let us know if you don’t find what you’re looking for!

agency name
Accelerate Finance and Legal Recruitment
+356 2034 1700
Archer IT Recuitment
+356 2034 1510
Betting Connections
+356 2720 4520
Boston Link
+356 2704 1692
+356 2017 3260
Castille Resources
+356 20 933 000
+356 2703 0133
+356 2333 2222
Erremme Recruitment
+356 2166 1273
Europe Recruitment
+356 21333247
G Staff Services Ltd
+356 9945 1951
GCS Malta
+356 2016 1022
iTalent Plus
Job Matching Partner
+356 7716 7506
+356 2123 4010
M Recruitment
+356 2712 0765
Malta International
+356 2144 3419
+356 2017 3260
+356 2339 0100
+356 21383481
People & Co.
+356 27 322 314
Quad Consultancy
+356 2099 4444
+356 2779 4555
+356 2737 9321
+356 2010 1115
Vacancy Centre
+356 2123 2224
YPA Recruit
+356 9989 0189

Working with Recruitment Agencies

The best approach with employment agencies as a job seeker is to research potential agencies and create a list of those that specialize in your field. Speak with a representative from each agency to discuss your career goals and expectations. Ask questions about the services they provide, such as helping with job search strategies and the types of jobs they typically recruit for. Request feedback after interviews, or ask to have your résumé or cover letter reviewed by their staff. Be organized and proactive; submit your résumé to multiple agencies and follow up until you receive an offer. Finally, don’t be discouraged if you don’t hear back right away; job seekers are often competing with hundreds of other applicants.

If you’d like to read more about whether you should use a recruitment agency or apply for a job directly with the employer, we have put together some pros and cons of using recruitment agencies in Malta.

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Identity Malta Agency

The Identity Malta Agency (IMA) is the central government agency dealing with the issuance of identity documents, regulating citizenship and residence in Malta. The agency is primarily responsible for the processing and issuing of Malta Citizenship, Residence and Identity Card applications. It also provides the country with services related to the issuance of Maltese passports.

As a gateway to Malta, Identity Malta Agency ensures that all those who wish to apply for citizenship, residence and identity documents do so legally, ensuring that the rights and obligations of all those involved are respected. The primary purpose of the agency is to ensure that applicants are compliant with all relevant laws, regulations and procedures when they apply for the necessary documents to live, work and study in Malta.

One of the main responsibilities of Identity Malta Agency is to process and issue citizenship or identity documents to foreigners who wish to become permanent residents in Malta. The agency is also responsible for making sure that the documents issued are in line with the laws and regulations of the country. This means that foreign citizens who wish to live in Malta must provide valid information about their identity and background, and this is verified and checked by Identity Malta Agency prior to the issuance of documents.

Foreigners who wish to become permanent residents in Malta must have a valid residence permit, and this permit is issued by Identity Malta Agency . The agency also processes and issues work permits for those who wish to work in Malta. All those who wish to work in the country need to obtain the relevant work permit prior to the commencement of the employment.

Foreigners who wish to obtain a Maltese passport must also go through the Identity Malta Agency , as it is the primary agency responsible for the issuance of all Maltese passport applications. In fact, Identity Malta Agency also plays a key role in the issuance of passports to foreigners as it is responsible for interpreting the required criteria to ensure that all passport applicants are entitled to the same rights and privileges of Maltese citizens.

In these ways, Identity Malta Agency plays a crucial role in the issuing and controlling of Maltese citizenship, residence and identity documents, ensuring that all rights and obligations are respected and fulfilled. By ensuring that all foreign citizens comply with Maltese laws, this agency helps to promote a secure, safe and transparent environment in Malta. Visit the Identity Malta Agency website to learn to make use of the Identity Malta Booking System, to obtain information about the opening hours of the Expatriates Unit.